I Met a Murderer

“One of Britain's earliest bona-fide film noirs (despite almost exclusively sunny exteriors), I Met a Murderer was also a rare example of Cassavetes-style independent filmmaking in Britain. James Mason, Roy Kellino, and Kellino's wife Pamela (later to be Mrs. Mason) jointly produced, directed, wrote, photographed, and acted in this French-influenced tale of a murderer on the run. Extremely economical and sometimes a bit heavy-handed in its symbolism, it was virtually ignored on its initial release, but came into its own a few years later when Mason became a major box office name” (William K. Everson). Mason plays a farmer who, out of desperation, murders his overbearing wife. While on the lam, he meets a touring novelist (Pamela Kellino), interested in him, at first, as a possible source of literary inspiration.

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