Inch'Allah Sunday

Yamina Benguigui followed Immigrant Memories with a fable of immigration that is fictional but no less rooted in experience. In the mid-1970s, under the French government's new “family reunion” program for immigrant workers, young mother Zouina (Fejria Deliba) is shipped off from Algeria to France to rejoin a husband she barely knows. Trapped in a dreary flat with only her children and a sniping mother-in-law for company, despised by the neighbors and treated with contempt by her husband, Zouina faces a future of terrible isolation. But when she hears there may be another Algerian family in town, she begins to make furtive forays into the wider world. Her search for connections leads to predictable misunderstandings and surprising dead ends; discovering that cultural bonds only go so far, Zouina also finds new reserves of resilience. Inch'Allah Sunday is a heartfelt evocation of the sorrows and absurdities of exile, and a tribute to curious, independent-minded women in any culture.

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