Demirkubuz's second feature thrust his work onto an international stage, screening in Venice and a number of other international festivals. Led by a trio of top-notch Turkish actors-Güven Kiraç, Derya Alabora, and Haluk Bilginer-Innocence chronicles the tense development of an unsettling triangle. It is told as a monologue by one Yusuf Bekir (Kiraç). Released from prison after having served a ten-year sentence, he goes to an address given to him by a fellow inmate. It turns out to be a run-down hotel, and, with few other prospects, Yusuf checks in. Soon, his path crosses with that of a strange family-a couple, Ugur and Zagor, with a child-who become the focus of Yusuf's life. Innocence marked an impressive leap in Demirkubuz's work; in it, he came to rely much more on his actors, allowing them the space to really show off their skills. This film is the genesis of Demirkubuz's 2006 film Destiny, which serves as a prequel. In this way, “Innocence resists time and becomes a locus that is enriched with Destiny” (Övgü Gökçe, Altyazi).

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