An International Ski Film Festival

At the UC Theatre, 2035 University Ave., Berkeley

Admission: $3.50

Mr. Rossi Goes Skiing, an affectionate satire on skiing by Italian animator, Bruno Bozzeto; Descent, a look at the intense physical and mental training of a downhill racer, with Canadian National Ski Team member David Murray, directed by Giles Walker and Paul Cowan; Skinny Skiing, a gentle, elegant look at the many ways to approach cross-country skiing, winner of Best Film of Festival Award at the 1975 International Ski Film Festival, directed by Len Aiken; Ski Whiz, a fast-paced montage of ski shots, choosing the unusually beautiful, difficult or amusing, from the library of Warren Miller, edited by Ken Rudolph; Skivision '79, the amazing ski technique of filmmaker Willy Bogner, skiing backwards, over and under lifts, to make his fanciful and surrealistic films; Garmisch 1978, downhill skiing at the 1978 FIS World Alpine Ski Championships in West Germany, by ex-racer/filmmaker Joe Jay Jalbert; The Great Ecstasy of the Sculptor Steiner, about the world champion ski jumper, and perhaps the greatest sports film ever made, directed by Werner Herzog.

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