Intimate Terrain

These experimental and documentary works, reflections and investigations into the personal, carry particular resonance in their intuitive linking of emotion and experience to specific and peculiar geographies. Both disconcerting and captivating, Calcutta Calling (Sasha Khokha, 27 mins) documents the return of three gum-snapping Midwestern teenage girls to their birthplace in Calcutta, India. Matthew Ward's Sunsetting Eyes (1:30 mins) is a dreamy and thoughtful treatment of landscapes that feel both familiar and lost. Learning How to Pray (Rick Rapoza, 7 mins) is an intimate and collaborative meditation on spirituality and, unexpectedly, windmills. Margaret Ocampo's Early Onset (2 mins) briefly recalls a childhood moment with a camera. The Life of Kevin Carter (Dan Krauss, 27 mins) recounts the tormenting apartheid-era experiences of a South African Pulitzer Prize–winning photojournalist and, through the use of personal interviews and found newsreel footage, explores the conflict between journalistic integrity and humanitarian responsibility.

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