Introduction to Anatomy

Pencils down, heads up! This selection of shorts offers tactile ruminations on both what separates the self from others and the fragile connective tissues that hold us together. In your lips with cheese, students pose playfully for an existential yearbook cut-up. The part speaks for the whole when five family members are cleverly transformed into the fingers on a hand in Pamily. A budding bodybuilder pontificates on body image in Pimping Iron, unapologetically linking it to his experiences of romance. An animated subject flits and flickers into states of cinematic mitosis in Beside Myself. In Lettering, two wounded individuals bound by the rules of attraction transcend the laws of time and space as they attempt to reconnect. The documentary Chasing Intimacy endearingly pokes and prods at three couples negotiating the forever-permeable boundaries of love, sex, and self. In the riveting psychodrama Crimen, a guilty father revisits and reimagines crimes of procreation. In the intensely moving em nén khóc (you cannot cry), the death of a Vietnamese patriarch fosters a familial excavation of tradition. Lessons of human evolution are summed up sweetly in the animated Learn from Mistakes.

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