Japanese Animation

“Exciting and unusual animated films from Japan inspired by graphic, literary, and dramatic traditions ranging from Kabuki theatre to pop art, comic strip humor, and contemporary eroticism.” Film Forum.

Comix (1979, 4 mins); Coffee Break (1977, 3 mins); Phenakistiscope (1975, 3 mins) by Taku Furukawa. Crayon Angel (1975, 3 mins); Sweet Friday (1975, 3 mins) by Keiichi Tanaami. Human Zoo (1962, 3 mins); Ai (Love) (1973, 5 mins); Au Fou (1967, 10 mins); Vanish (1978, 3 mins) by Yoji Kuri. Devil Love Song (1971, 4 mins) by Seiichi Hayashi. Meridian Transit (1977, 6 mins) by Isao Kota. Grass Snake (1972, 7 mins) by Nobuhiro Aihara. Dojoji Temple (1976, 19 mins) by Kihachiro Kawamoto. People Tormentor Series (1973-76, 6 mins) by Tadanari Okamoto.

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