Japanese Video from the Lydia Modi Vitale Collection: Selected Tapes from Video Hiroba

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Founded by Fujii Nakaya in the early '70s, Video Hiroba provided an umbrella organization for video artists working in Japan at that time. In addition to Nakaya's Statics of an Egg (1973, 11 mins) and Fog Over Knavelskar (1974, 21 mins) which was inspired by an earlier fog sculpture designed for the Pepsi Cola Pavilion at Expo '70 in Osaka, this selection from Video Hiroba includes Nobuhiro Kawanaka's Kick the World I and II (1974, 23 mins), a two-part video satire that traces the trajectory of a Coca-Cola can as it is randomly kicked through the streets of Tokyo and a Japanese park displaying famous landmarks of the world in miniature. In Sakumi Hagiwara's Twenty Years (1974, 9 mins), What I Saw on Sunday (1973, 16 mins) and Reprint (1973, 14-1/2 mins) the concerns are with more formal aspects of the video medium - time and frame, time of the taped subject, and time through repetition.

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