Kabul Transit

Kabul Transit presents a look at a city steeped in infamy. Once Kabul was a cosmopolitan and progressive city; today it is a city emerging from two decades of war, filled with a generation that has seen nothing but destruction. The film's camera is in a constant state of quiet motion, swooping past moneychangers, government officials, U.N. peacekeepers, and kite runners. There are no inserted queries on terrorism, diatribes about the burqa, or extended shots of starving children within such organic motion; rather, the seemingly invisible filmmakers allow the residents, landscape, and traditions of Kabul to illustrate the current state of the city and its people. Kabul Transit offers “a mosaic of images and experiences that convey the sorrow, black humor, irony, and surprising hope that can exist in the most untenable of situations” (Film Society of Lincoln Center).

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