One of the most refreshing pieces to come out of Philippine cinema in a decade, this well-blended cinematic treat is part dark comedy, parts action, suspense, and love story. Keka is a young modern-day multitasker who works the night shift at a call center, goes on dates, hangs out with friends, and…kills. Busy avenging the murder of her boyfriend by tracking down his five killers and slaughtering them, she has no time for love, until she meets Jason Sanchez, an attractive man who's also (of course) a cop. Intelligent and sophisticated without being pretentious, insightful about social ills without being preachy, Keka pokes lighthearted fun at soap operas and popcorn musicals while making space for moments of real poignancy and grief. Borrowing devices from François Truffaut and Mike de Leon, Henares crafts an engaging journey amidst the quirks of urban Manila, and creates a film for young and old, cynical and lovestruck.

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