La Lucha: The Struggle

Duncan Macleod and Jason Blalock in Person

Lucha libre is the Mexican brand of pro wrestling, a gritty spectacle of masked marauders acting out the eternal struggle between good and evil. Of course, in the ring, it's hard to tell the good from the evil. Is it the pretty-in-pink drag queen, the former gang-banger with knife scars on his chest, or the fake sheik with the scimitar? Duncan Macleod's La Lucha unmasks the no-holds-barred phenom of raunchy wrestling by grappling with the World Power Wrestling league of Anaheim, California. Operating at a quasi-pro level, the league is the training ground for aspiring tusslers who in many cases are trying to save themselves from the mean streets of L.A. Martin Marin, their no-nonsense promoter, is both hard-nosed drill sergeant and savior of lost souls. The gripping La Lucha ends with a bang-up match at the Mayan Theater in downtown L.A., where burlesque dancers and lucha libre collide in a bawdy brawl.

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