The Lady Eve

“On board an ocean liner society women cluster to see Charlie Pike, young brewery heir and snake-fancier, while card-sharper Jean Harrington beats all comers to his attention by adventurously dropping an apple on his head. From then on, the film perfectly sustains a malicious and witty tone. The big scenes are brilliantly done. Stanwyck's full-scale star performance, subtly sophisticated, hard as diamonds, is at its best in her impersonation of the lady Eve (‘I've been British before') complete with fake accent and ostrich feathers, telling a series of risque stories at the Pike cocktail bar to a group of socialites, shrieking with laughter at her own jokes while subjecting Charlie to a succession of indignities. Splendid, too, is Charles Coburn as ‘Handsome Harry,' almost lecherously contemplating his victories at cards.”

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