Love for Share

A surprising side effect of recent political events in Indonesia is the resurgence of open polygamy, not just among Muslims but in the Chinese and Javanese communities as well. Winner of the Best Film Award at the Hawaii International Film Festival, this engaging new work by female director Nia Dinata features three stories of women dealing with their status as first, second, and even third wives. With sly humor and sympathy, Dinata dramatizes a wide range of attitudes among Indonesian women regarding love, marriage, family responsibility, and the inevitable intimacy of women who share one man. Nifty plot twists involving taxis and takeout link the stories together into a portrait of alternative lifestyles in contemporary Jakarta, while along the way the film even provides some incisive commentary on the tsunami in Aceh. Lively, topical, and hard-hitting, Love for Share will without a doubt provoke the liveliest post-screening discussions of the festival!

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