Mike Plante has a hearty appetite and a succulent sense of play. To combine those traits, Plante, a programmer from Cinevegas, began inviting media artists to lunch, only there was a hitch-they owed him a film, because, as we all know, there's no such thing as a free lunch. The first “lunchfilm” began with James Fotopoulos and during a meal that cost $30.40, the title of the film as well as the tab, they devised the rules: “Must have humans in it. Must use title cards. Strangers' lives must not collide. Images are self-reliant.” Each film among the fourteen and counting has its own set of directives, such as Cam Archer's work orders, “All actors are over 18. Must contain one tree. Color. Bigfoot reference. No irony,” or James Benning's, “No people in it. Must make people hungry. Must be in color,” and, of course, its own budget, topping out at €101.35. As they say: let's do lunch.

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