Making it (Un)real: Animated Documentary Shorts

Hybrid animated documentaries have become one of the most exciting and challenging areas of contemporary filmmaking. Traditionally, documentary and animation are placed at opposite poles of the cinematic spectrum: the aura of seriousness surrounding the social documentary, with its claims to truth and realism, and the frivolity of handmade cartoons, springing from the imagination, are seen as philosophical and political antinomies. This program features a series of short films, including two films by our guest, New York filmmaker Jacqueline Goss, which suggest the range of subjects and forms possible with this hybrid genre.

The Day Stashi Ran Out of Honey Sonia Bridge, U.K., 2000, 5 mins, B&W, 16mm, From Moving Image Distribution

Ryan Chris Landreth, Canada, 2004, 14 mins, Color, DigiBeta, From National Film Board of Canada

Capitalism Child Labor Ken Jacobs, 2006, 14 mins, Color, Digital video, From the artist

The Simpson VerdictKota Ezawa, 2002, 3 mins, Color, Digital video, From the artist

Survivors Sheila Sofian, 1997, 16 mins, Color, 35mm, From the artist

There There Square Jacqueline Goss, 2002, 14 mins, Color, format? Silent, Digital video, From the artist

Stranger Comes to Town Jacqueline Goss, 2007, 29 mins, Color, Beta SP, From the artist

Total running time: 95 mins

*Filmmaker Jacqueline Goss regrets that she cannot attend the screening as originally planned.

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