Special work-in-progress screening of new James Franco film!

Back in 2008, the mono-monikered Carter released his phantasmic featurette, Erased James Franco, in which none other than James Franco restages in isolation iconic film performances-both his and others. Erased thrived on the obliteration of identity. Tonight we'll see the final stages of Carter's first full-blown feature, Maladies, starring James Franco as a soap opera star who retires at a young age due to a mental illness. Now living in Grey Gardens-style mansion on Long Island with his deranged sister (Fallon Goodson) and his best friend, a cross-dressing artist played by Catherine Keener, we watch as their maladies mingle and mesh. Obliteration of a new order. Rumor has it that J. Ralph, a.k.a. SPY, has composed the score for this newest work edited by master cutter Curtiss Clayton.

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