The Man in the White Suit

In this brilliant satire on big business and consumer society, Alec Guinness plays a young inventor who incurs the wrath of proponents of planned obsolescence - both management and workers - when he attempts to introduce an indestructible fabric onto the market.
"As a comedian, Alec Guinness has always been best in the role of an ordinary man with an obsession; who, in the modern world, could be so ordinary and so obsessed as a scientist? ...Guinness is the quirky idealist...(t)he impersonal, bland monomaniac scientist...beautifully matched with purring, seductive Joan Greenwood - all guile and scorn and perversity, and without any real aim or purpose. Alexander Mackendrick directed this deft social triangle (capital-science-labor) with a good eye for the tragi-comic scientific mentality; the inventor is defeated, not by economic storms, but by a technical flaw." --Berkeley Cinema Guild

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