Market Street Film; Pan Pacific Expo; Oakland Dream Film; Palace of Arabian Nights; The Great Train Robbery

Market Street Film
Circa 1903. Someone stood on the end of a cable car, rode down Market Street to the Ferry Building and captured the free-for-all traffic that crossed in front. With no visible traffic control, cars, horsedrawn carts and streetcars, and pedestrians manage to cross San Francisco's main thoroughfare.

Pan Pacific Expo
1915. Sweeping panoramas of the Exposition exhibits with each one tinted in a different pastel hue.

Oakland Dream Film
Circa 1919. This zany story about a couple who magically loses, then finds, their baby was the result of an Oakland newspaper contest. The winner's idea was actually made into a film. The couple's adventures afford interesting contemporary views of Oakland and the Bay, sans bridge.

Palace Of Arabian Nights
Brilliant colors (hand-tinted and toned) with fanciful sets and costumes create this enchanting adventure. Accompanied by the Blue Dwarf, a prince passes through Crystal Caverns, the Temple of Gold and the Magic Forest in search of hidden treasure.
• Directed by Georges Melies. (1905, ca.20 mins, Print from PFA Collection)

The Great Train Robbery
The first western ever made, and still one of the most exciting. Includes scenes with selective hand-tinting as orange-red gun shots and explosions.
• Directed by Edwin S. Porter. (1903, ca.15 mins, Print from PFA Collection)

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