Masters of the Congo Jungle

"Originally framed in an anthropological context, this wide-screen, color documentary contains some of the most impressive footage of Africa ever recorded.
"Under the banner of the Belgian International Scientific Foundation, producer Henri Storck, two directors, Heinz Sielmann and Henry Brandt, five photographers and a crew of French and Belgian technicians reportedly spent two years scouring the remote forests and plains of the northeastern Belgian sector...
"While unfolding a magnificent panorama of topography and wildlife, the film also strives for something different in format. Threading the footage are various demonstrations of the ageless, tribal awe of the unknown, as set forth in the primitive natives' dread, worship and ceremonial emulation of symbolical animals...
" a sprawling, multicolored mosaic of nature, caught by a poetical camera eye, abrim with atmosphere and marvelously intimate in its use of the telescopic lens, the picture is extraordinary..."

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