Meetings with Anna (Les Rendezvous d'Anna)

In Wheeler Auditorium

Admission: $2.50

“Although still in her twenties, director Chantal Akerman has won considerable critical acclaim as well as a wide European and American following for her original, highly stylised, intensely evocative films. She is avant-garde, ‘experimental' but in no way marginal; her progress into big-budget production has been accompanied by no aesthetic compromise - she neither ‘sells out' nor talks down to her widening audience.
“Les Rendezvous D'Anna won her the prize for Best Director at the 1978 Paris Film Festival. It follows the travels of a film-maker, passing through a number of European cities to promote her new movie. Her world is the fragmented landscape of the transient: railway station platforms, hotel rooms, glimpses of streets leading to unknown places in unfamiliar cities. She moves through a series of brief encounters, one-night stands, that yield up a store of life stories and personal anecdotes. Yet these disparate, seemingly random fragments of other people's pasts are the minutiae reflecting the massive transformations and upheavals in the last half-century of European history: migrations, social changes, the rise and fall of families, communities, and states.”

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