Memories in the Mist

An unsuccessful Calcutta office clerk is haunted by memories of his father in this Buñuelian fable of family relationships, class, and global politics from Buddhadeb Dasgupta, director of The Wrestlers and “India's foremost director today” (International Film Festival of India). Saddled with a corrupt boss and a class-obsessed wife, the shy, morally upright Sumanta takes refuge in memories of his childhood. Daydreams may be all that Sumanta is left with, however, once his wife becomes famous for writing a guide to France (without having been there). Dasgupta blends a keen eye for the social fabric of middle-class Bengali life with a typically off-kilter sense of satire and fantasy; “I learned from Luis Buñuel,” he notes, “that the real and the unreal can exist together.” Here dreams and visions emerge from the realities of Calcutta street life, and seemingly random events blossom into moments of sadness, satire, and political outrage.

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