On the Move (Die Abfahrer)

“Adolf Winkelmann has gained international acclaim for his shorts at the Oberhausen Festival; his first feature - On the Move, a whacky comedy - points to a very promising directorial debut. It's the tale of three unemployed youths laid off a specialized job in a factory around Dortmund. Atze, Lutz and Sulli while their time away in the backyard. The neighbours regard them with suspicion, their former workmates jeer at them: doing nothing is boring and all three of them are fed up with the whole business. They steal a loaded furniture van and go for a joy-ride. Their little test-drive becomes an adventure, a flight from reality, a little borrowed freedom. On the motor way, they stop to pick up a girl hitch-hiker and continue their journey with her, driving further and further away from Dortmund. But running away inevitably leads to pursuit. Just as the neighbours suspected, the police are soon searching for the trio, and some over-zealous persons make it their business to catch the outsiders.
“The actors are a big plus in On the Move, but general narrative style and ease with dialogue brings to light one of the best comedies made this year.”

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