Moyatai (Doctor)

Admission: $1.50

A drama intended to promote the struggle against superstition and other remnants of feudalism still alive in the Thai minority communities, Moyatai tells the story of a girl who is stigmatized at birth as a “Pipa Ghost.” (“Pipa” is a Chinese musical instrument, and the word “Ghost” in the official English synopsis must mean something more like “Witch.”) Even after Liberation, the girl internalizes the stigma, and refuses to confess her love for a local activist as a result. She and her father are driven from the village by the feudalists still thriving after the Revolution. The father dies, and the girl meets a fellow “outcast” - a woman who offended tradition by giving birth to twins - who has suffered such abuse that the girl almost concludes that life as an “outcast” is not worth living. A sudden intervention by the PLA begins a radical reversal in her fortunes and outlook on life.

Moyatai (Doctor) is repeated on Sunday, February 25.

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