The Mutations

Mad scientists abound: Dr. Moreau, Dr. Rotwang, Dr. Jekyll, Dr. Banner, Dr. Troy. Add to this esteemed list Dr. Nolter, Donald Pleasence at his most unpleasant as a genetics researcher bent on crossbreeding plants and animals to create the next logical step in evolution. Unfortunately, he's crazy for carnivorous plants, so his botched botanicals have a tendency to eat up the scenery. But this bit of eco-tainment has its tendrils out to more than just Island of Lost Souls--Are we not men? We are flesh-eating flytraps with legs-there's an obvious nod to Tod Browning's Freaks. Where else would you hide your genetic fiascos than in the local freak show, run by none other than Michael Dunn. Beyond the anything-but-PC politics (you'll notice real human oddities, like “The Alligator Girl” and “Popeye,” alongside players with prosthetics), The Mutations suggests that whatever you do wrong in this world will always come back to bite you-even if it's a plant.

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