Myths, Monsters, and Manners

In the dark of night two young brothers sneak out of their house to capture an elusive nighttime creature.

• Directed by Faith and John Hubley. (1970, 10 mins, color/cel animation, Print courtesy of Films Inc.)

A joyful celebration of shapes and form in which six lively clay creatures explore their environment.

• Directed by Arthur Pierson, Jr. (1975, 10 mins, color/clay animation, nonverbal, Print courtesy of Encylcopedia Britannica Educational Corp.)

Rapunzel, Rapunzel
Set in the Victorian era, this is an exciting American adaptation of the classic Grimm romance.

• Directed by Tom Davenport. (1978, 15 mins, color, Print courtesy of Tom Davenport Films)

The Robot
A poignant horror story in which a toy robot emerges from under a Christmas tree.

• Directed by Frank Gardner. (1978, 18 mins, color/object animation, nonverbal, Print courtesy of MacMillan Films)

Lady Fishbourne's Complete Guide To Better Table Manners
To old-fashioned etiquette book narration, strange and colorful dinner guests interpret Lady Fishbourne's guidelines for better table manners.

• Directed by Janet Perlman. (Canada, 1976, 6 mins, color/line animation, Print courtesy of Carousel Films)

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