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April 30–August 31, 2021


Manish Soni, Nitin Goel, Srinivas Joshi,

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Audio Recording
Max Nelson introduces Nainsukh
Recorded at BAMPFA, September 6, 2017

Hear writer and film critic Max Nelson speak briefly about Nainsukh—the film and the artist. (Note: He mentions a short film which is not included with our current program.) Nelson is also featured in Dutta's short film Ten Questions from a Critic, screening in this series with If I go, where do I go?.

Nainsukh (c. 1710–1778) came from a family of painters that settled in Guler in the northern hills of India. Nainsukh enthusiastically took to the fluent naturalism of Mughal painting, notably setting his own artwork apart from the idealized approach to portraiture adopted by other Indian miniaturists of his time. Around 1740, he entered the service of Raja Balwant Dev Singh of Jasrota and was given rare entrée into the prince’s life. During this period, a compelling body of work emerged, rendered in an individual, delicate way and imbued with heartwarming humanity. Amit Dutta painstakingly recreates Nainsukh’s brilliant miniatures through sumptuous compositions set amid the ruins of the Jasrota palace as well as the splendid hilly scenery. By harmoniously juxtaposing the gorgeous visuals with an outstanding sound design, the filmmaker produces a unique work of art, a living painting itself, which stands on its own. He breathes new life into the old creations by accentuating their timelessness, reviving the intimacy of the grand worlds of the past through the time-defying medium of cinema.

Galina Stoletneya
  • Amit Dutta
  • Eberhard Fechner
  • Ayswarya S. Dutta
  • Mrinal Desai
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  • Color
  • Digital streaming
  • 82 mins
  • Amit Dutta