Native Americans: Legends & Documents

The Creation of Birds
This evocative and highly visual film is derived from a Micmac Indian legend about the origin of birds.

• Directed by Frederic Back. (Canada, 1972, 10 mins, color/cutout animation, nonverbal, Print courtesy of Paramount Communications)

Kevin Alec
A glimpse of the lifestyle of eleven-year-old Kevin Alec who lives on the Fountain Indian Reserve in British Columbia.

• Directed by Beverly Shaffer. (Canada, 1976, 16 mins, color, Print courtesy of the Media Guild)

Navajo Rain Chant
A dazzling and plotless film that visualizes the evolution of Navajo design motifs from the environment.

• Directed by Susan Dyal. (1971, 3 mins, color/animation, nonverbal, Print courtesy of Creative Film Society)

Maria of the Pueblos
A documentary about Maria Martinez, an Indian potter of rare talent.
• Directed by Maurice Prather. (1971, 15 mins, color, Print courtesy of Centron Educational Films)

Arrow to the Sun
The legend of an outcast Pueblo boy's search for his father.

• Directed by Gerald McDermott. (1973, 12 mins, color/animation, Print courtesy of Texture Films)

Entire program runs 56 minutes.

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