New Animated Films from the National Film Board of Canada

Every Child by Eugene Fedorenko (6 mins) is the Canadian contribution to an hour-long UNICEF film in celebration of the International Year of the Child. It shows the parable of the baby-without-a-name who goes from house to house seeking a home.

This Is Your Museum Speaking
by Lynn Smith (13 mins). Smith's luminous drawing technique uses pastel chalks on special “sanded” art paper, revealing the story of the museum's night watchman and his dog Fang. One evening they discover the secret society of characters that rise from the canvases of the past.

Log Driver's Waltz
by John Weldon (3 mins) and News Canada by Yossi Abolafa (3 mins) are two film vignettes designed to “promote Canadian cultural unity” through television broadcasts.

Getting Started by Richard Condie (12 mins) is a production from the NFB's recently founded Winnipeg studio in Canada's great plains. The theme of procrastination is spotlighted through our observations of a pianist resisting practicing his instrument.

Laugh Lines
by Zina Heczko and Franco Battista (30 mins) is an in-depth profile of animator Kaj Pindal. His twenty years of film production have included such favorites as Horsing Around, King Size and What on Earth!, achieved in characteristic bright, quick clarity.

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