New Italian Videotapes by Claudio Ambrosini & Michele Sambin

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Ambrosini is interested in music, but chiefly as it relates to image, space, movement, etc. Since 1968, he has worked in the field of “intermedia,” preferring situations which reveal the uniqueness of his media. Many of his works with video point out specific characteristics of this medium (i.e. Zoom), or analyze its relationship with other media (i.e. De Photographia), often aiming at the realization of a “music” derived from the medium itself (i.e. Videomusic, Light Solfeggio). The program will include six short works.

Sambin began working with experimental cinema in 1968, which enabled him to unite music and painting. Between 1972 and 1975, he held cinema and plastic form laboratories at the Universita Internazionale dell' Arte in Venice. In 1973, he began working with electronic music and together with three other musicians founded the group: “Arche Sinth.” The theme of his video works, begun in 1974, is the relationship between image and sound examined from various viewpoints. The program will include two separate versions of a tape entitled VTR and I.

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