The New Klan & Del Corazon (From the Heart)

The New Klan
is an unfortunately timely documentary on the increasing activities in the 1970s of the KKK. The primary focus is on the Louisiana politician David Duke, who has gained a national reputation for his crusading, Nazi-like organizing activities on behalf of the Klan group he commands. However, the film presents interesting material on the California branch of the KKK engaged in publicity stunts for recruitment taking the form of para-military vigilante patrols of the San Diego border area, as well as a current report on the “good old boys” of the KKK back home in Georgia.

• Produced and Directed by Leslie Shatz and Eleanor Miller Bingham. Photographed by Bob Elfstrom, Baird Bryant, and Paul Goldsmith. (1978, 59 mins, color, Print provided by filmmaker)

Del Corazon (From The Heart)
Of more modest scope than Les Blank's earlier film, Chulas Fronteras, Del Corazon is a lyrical journey through the musings of the heart in the Mexican-American Nortena music tradition. Love songs abound and serve as the lyrical poetry of the people. The film features the dynamic music of Leo Garza, Chavela Ortiz of Brown Express, Little Joe and La Familia and more, playing in dance halls and cantinas. Their songs are of passion and death, hurt and humor, and the pleasures and torn dreams of love.

• By Les Blank, Maureen Gosling, Guillermo Hernandez, Chris Strachwitz. With the music of Leo Garza, Chavela Ortiz, Little Joe and La Familia. (1979, 28 mins, color, Print provided by filmmaker)

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