New Visions from Africa

These finely honed short films provide a personal, intimate glimpse into the lives and concerns of their creators. Two works emerge from the burgeoning new wave of North African–born French filmmakers: in Toi, Waguih, the filmmaker turns the camera upon his father, a former political prisoner in Egypt who now lives an unassuming life in France, and My Lost Home uses the imminent destruction of a crumbling, graffitti-and-broken-glass-strewn French housing block to trigger the memories of the filmmaker, who resettled there from Morocco as a child. Back in Africa, the title character in Ousmane, a small boy living and begging on the streets of Dakar, decides to write a letter to Santa Claus, while Whole: A Trinity of Being spotlights the sexuality and voice of its creator, a wheelchair user in South Africa.

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