New Wave from New York: Video & Film

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“Aliens within any of the following classes are not admissible to the U.S.: Aliens who have committed or who have been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude. Aliens who are, or at any time have been, anarchists, members of, or affiliated wth any communist or other totalitarian party.” -INS document (Immigration Naturalization Service)
“Confusion is coming down fast. If you do not see the confusion coming down fast around you, you can call it what you wish.”

• A Nightshift Production by Robert Smith. (1979, 30 mins, color)

All Color News Sampler
Made by Collaborative Projects, an artists' collective currently producing tapes in New York, the All Color News Sampler was a weekly news program dedicated to showing a/the concrete reality of life as experienced by the group. The program was aired on Manhattan Cable between February, 1978, and April, 1978. Samples include: Subway News, John Ahern; Inspector Howe, Scott and Beth B; Wall Street Bombing, Robert Cooney; Fires, Robert Cooney; Rats, Tom Otterness; Who Killed Jule?, Charlie Ahern; Golden Gloves Boxing, John Ahern and Tom Otterness; and Phone-In, Michael McClard. All members of the collective are not represented.

• Produced by Collaborative Projects. (1978, 30 mins, color)

Deadly Art of Survival
The film is about Nathan Ingram, who is the 1976 and 1979 USA Karate Tournament Champion. The film describes Nathan's real and imaginary life of love and violence in the ghetto. “Nathan is brutally worked over by his friends - methodically executing his payback. Nathan uncovers some of the motives for the trap: a confusion over who was the real father.” As in a traditional karate film, there is a rivalry between karate schools. The Disco Dojo sends for the black-hooded Ninjas. Nathan is finally pursued out to the end of the pier for battle. The film was made with a cast of thirty neighborhood youths involved in all areas of production.

• By Charlie Ahern. With Nathan Ingram, fighting choreographer. (1979, 60 mins, color)

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