Nicaragua: Free Homeland or Death & Nicaragua September 1978

Roberto Vargas, a local representative of the Frente Sandinista, will introduce and discuss this new documentary - made by Itsmo Films in cooperation with the Sandinista National Liberation Front - as well as the events it depicts, and the recent developments in the ongoing civil war, including the current revolutionary offensive by the F.S.L.N. aimed at toppling the 40-year dictatorship of the Somoza family.
The film begins with scenes filmed during the Fall 1978 uprising by the F.S.L.N. which was spontaneously joined by thousands of Nicaraguan citizens; it then explores the historical background to the present crisis (the U.S. Marine intervention in 1927, the role of Cesar Augusto Dandino, etc.); it moves to a secret F.S.L.N. training camp, where many militants are interviewed (including Eden Pastora, renowned as “Commandante Cero,” and the revolutionary priest Ernesto Cardenal); and concludes with actual scenes of combat.

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