The Night the World Exploded

New Print!

Dr. Peggy Hellweg in Person
Plus surprise shorts!

After the screening, Dr. Peggy Hellweg of the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory will evaluate the scientific veracity of tonight's film.

This late-fifties disaster epic sets out to destroy the entire earth with barely a budget to back it up. But as Dr. David Conway (William Leslie), the film's superstar seismologist, says, “We better do more than hope, gentlemen. We better pray!” Here's the shaky start: at the University Seismology Lab in Los Angeles, Dr. Conway demonstrates a new device that can predict earthquakes. When the instrument signals that a massive quake will strike SoCal within twenty-four hours, off he runs to alert Governor Cheney (Charles Evans). The warning, of course, goes unheeded, and later that night a massive quake strikes, shifting the axis of the earth a full three degrees. The globe is soon wracked by swarms of tremors. Presaging both Journey to the Center of the Earth and The Core, the good seismologist and several seismo-sidekicks descend into Carlsbad Caverns hot on the trail of the temblors. The Night the World Exploded is the story of their faulty discoveries.

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