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Werner Herzog's first movie for a major studio (20th Century Fox), is a new version of the Dracula legend, inspired by F.W.Murnau's German expressionist classic, Nosferatu (1922). Filmed in Holland, Germany and Czechoslovakia, Nosferatu stars Klaus Kinski (who played the title role in Herzog's Aguirre) as Nosferatu the Vampire, and also features Isabelle Adjani and Bruno Ganz. We have not yet seen this bound-to-be-fascinating film, but it opened in Paris in January to great acclaim. Second only to Superman at the Paris box office, Nosferatu has also received widespread critical acclaim, as witness this excerpt from Le Monde's review: “Herzog's vampire picture is a succession of visions coming from his own universe of dreams, to which his magnificent treatment of color gives the tangible vibration of a supernatural world... Klaus Kinski is magnificently pathetic. Herzog's Nosferatu... a unique, stunning piece of work, its dazzling beauty makes your throat tight. Almost unreal colors make the images vibrate a kind of internal frenzy.... In their deeply erotic love scene, Klaus Kinski and Isabelle Adjani achieve a kind of sublimation. The last scene comes as a surprise. But isn't the whole picture one of surprises? It makes appear on the screen something which is within ourselves.” We expect that Werner Herzog, and possibly Klaus Kinski will be in attendance at our premiere.

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