Nouvelle Vague

Godard's Nouvelle Vague is a meditation on beauty, silence, and the inadequacy of language to register the richness of experience. From breathtaking images and odd juxtapositions of sound and silence he creates an obscure, yet luminously beautiful film. The plot, as usual for Godard, is slim. A rich, beautiful businesswoman (Domiziana Giordano) accidentally injures a hitchhiker (Alain Delon) and takes him home to her vast country estate. They enter into a complex relationship, fueled by sexual desire, divided by gender antagonism and class differences. Godard does not ignore the paradox that the seamless beauty of this cosseted world is won at the expense of the many, but his aphoristic soundtrack imagines a utopian future in which the division between rich and poor will seem only a quaint moment in history. For Godard there is a timeless world apart from politics: the lush and random mélange that comprises the material world.

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