The Old Memory

In Wheeler Auditorium

Admission: $2.50

“A Spanish Sorrow and the Pity, recreating the Civil War through interviews and newsreel footage. The perspective is localized (this is a Catalonian film and the war is viewed from Barcelona), the bias unashamed, yet the film is an overwhelming experience for anyone concerned with the human dimension of war. It begins with faces: the fire-raising communist deputy La Passionara, families recalling the order of battle, anarchists and Falangists giving blow-by-blow accounts of the battle for Barcelona in July 1936. Then the newsreels take over - unforgettable images of the improvised barricades, of bodies piled up after a massacre, the volunteers from abroad embraced by emotional crowds, the idealism and fervor of the year in which it seemed that the Republic could be saved.”

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