Winner of the Grand Prix at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival, Park Chan-wook's (JSA: Joint Security Area) latest film has been leaving critics and audiences with their jaws on the floor. An incendiary revenge tale that makes Kill Bill seem meek by comparison, Oldboy is quite possibly the most unforgettable film you'll see all year. Oh Dae-su, an unruly drunkard, is abducted one rainy night and imprisoned in a room for no apparent reason. Drugged and hypnotized, he spends his next fifteen years in a state of near madness, wondering “who is doing this, and why?” Suddenly released, he sets out to unleash his long-festering vengeance on an unseen captor, but his pursuit of the reasons behind his captivity leads him into a game of physical and emotional violence with his equally determined tormentor. An uncompromising portrait of vengeance, Park's masterpiece burrows deep into the psyche of trauma.

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