Our Man in Havana

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Alec Guinness, Maureen O'Hara, Noel Coward, Ernie Kovacs,

A vacuum-cleaner salesman turns to international espionage in this droll spy spoof from a quartet of formidable Englishmen—actors Alec Guinness and Noel Coward, writer Graham Greene, and director Carol Reed. The British Secret Service needs a man on the ground in steamy Cuba, and wool-suited Caribbean Chief Hawthorne (Coward) inexplicably recruits expatriate Hoover-hawker Jim Wormold (Guinness). Wormold won't let a few little details—like not knowing any secrets—get in the way of becoming a super-spy. While playing on Cold War obsession with Castro's Cuba (and boasting some fascinating location shooting from Havana), Our Man in Havana could just as easily be about "our man" in Hanoi, or Baghdad, any time, any place.

Jason Sanders
  • Graham Greene
Based On
  • The novel by Graham Greene

  • Oswald Morris
Print Info
  • B&W
  • 'Scope DCP