Outstanding Documentaries

Night People's Day
An exceptional catalog of the real people and machines that work at night.

• Directed by Bob Kurtz. (1971, 11 mins, color, Print courtesy of Filmfair Communications)

Morning Zoo
A relaxed look at a California zoo and the animals there, before the crowds arrive.

• Directed by Mark Michaels. (1972, 10 mins, color, Print courtesy of Filmfair Communications)

French Lunch
A fascinating glimpse at the process of preparing French-style cuisine in a mid-town Manhattan restaurant.

• Directed by Nell Cox. (1969, 15 mins, color, Print courtesy of American Federation of Arts)

Marine shapes from scallops to anemones are playfully celebrated in this catalog of marine life.

• Directed by Robin Lehman. (1975, 12 mins, color, nonverbal, Print courtesy of Phoenix Films)

Dance On A May Day
The rehearsal and performance of modern jazz dances by boys from several Manhattan schools under the direction of Jacques D'Amboise.

• Directed by John Avildsen. (1977, 12 mins, color, Print courtesy of the Learning Corporation of America)

Entire program runs 60 minutes.

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