The Panda Candy

Special admission prices apply: General admission, $10 until March 11, $11 on or after March 12; BAM/PFA and Center for Asian American Media members, $8; Students, seniors, and disabled persons, $9.

Frontman for the Beijing rock band New Pants, singer-turned-director Peng Lei offers a poignant reflection on love and dating among the curious, ever-changing younger generation of China in his second feature film. Young female hipsters Chun and Taki are trying different routes to love: Chun with a succession of dorky skateboarders and self-obsessed poets, Taki in a series of brief flings with punk lesbians. Both women's unfulfilling exchanges with lovers and other strangers leave them wanting something more, even if they don't know what that “more” is. When their parallel romantic journeys come to a crossroads at a karaoke bar, will they discover it? Peng hired most of his nonprofessional cast through a nationwide casting search done while his band was on tour, and cleverly utilizes the improvisational performances of these actresses to give The Panda Candy a raw, pure feel.

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