Parajanov: The Last Spring

This personal, moving documentary covers the last days of Armenian filmmaker Sergei Parajanov. Born in Tblisi, he studied film in Moscow with Dovzhenko; directed eleven films, including Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors and Ashik Kerib; and spent five years in a labor camp for homosexuality. Haunting images of his last days flow smoothly into clips from his films, punctuated by the torture of a damned soul. Vartanov's personal connection to the artist, as a former student, draw(s) us into a world where myth meets history, and Parajanov becomes an allegory for creativity, passion and freedom. Preceded by: The Architect (Adam Keker, U.S., 1994, 12 mins), the relationship between a Ukranian coal miner and his grandson; and I Just Don't Know Where, or When, or How... (Zelimir Gvardiol, Yugoslavia, 1994, 8 mins), the fight between life and death among the elderly.-Olga Carlyle