The Pedralbes Murderer (El Asesino de Pedralbes)

Winner of the Prize for Best Spanish Language Feature at the 1978 San Sebastian Film Festival, The Pedralbes Murderer has been hailed by Variety as an “altogether fascinating documentary on a man who in 1974 murdered his employer and his wife and is now serving a jail sentence in Spain... a film that will be of universal interest. The interviews with Jose Luis Cerveto, the murderer, touch upon problems of homosexuality, the reasons for the crime, social injustices and a critique of the prison systems and especially the questionable usefulness of institutionalized psychiatry.... Cerveto, no matter how heinous his crime was, comes across as a sharp, articulate, analytical and intelligent being; as the story of his life and crimes unfolds from his very lips, it is sometimes difficult to remember that this is not some actor mouthing lines that have been written for him, but the man himself who is talking.”

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