Perdita Durango

Javier Bardem with a mullet-that's just the beginning of a randy ride through this adaptation of Gifford's notorious 59° and Raining, a singed saga of tainted love between carnivorous Ms. Durango (Rosie Perez) and her beastie boy Romeo Dolorosa (unabashed Bardem), Santeria priest and all-round psychopath. This unbridled couple kidnaps two corn-bred Midwesterners, Duane and Estelle, abusing them while heading towards Vegas with a cargo of stolen fetuses for an illegal cosmetics firm. Spanish cult director Álex de la Iglesia (The Day of the Beast) thought he would break into the American market with this epic of excess. This is, however, a breakout role for Bardem who just about breaks out of his skin looking like the lead singer in a death metal band.

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