Peter Pan

Admission $1.00

“Though essentially theatrical (deliberately and sincerely so, out of respect to the form of the original), and only occasionally taking advantage of the possibilities of the cinema (as in the shots of the mermaids lolling off the Catalina coastline, or the incredibly lovely shot of the galleon taking off from the water and flying back to London), Peter Pan was an enchanting film. Barrie's text was condensed but undistorted (except for some sub-titles which, for the U.S. market, established the Darling children as Americans), and the beauty of his original dialogue, which could so easily slip into fey or embarrassing sentimentality, was handled by both performers and director with impeccable taste. Most of all, the film owed its success to the energetic, sprightly, dancing, joyous performance by Betty Bronson as Peter.”

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