The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes

East Bay Premiere!

“The all-too-long-awaited follow-up to the Quays' wonderful first feature is as imaginative, eccentric, and visually seductive as one expects from these seasoned explorers of the uncanny. Great expertise is again evident in the blending of live action and puppet animation in the tale of Malvina (Amira Casar), a beautiful opera singer abducted during a performance by the sinister Dr. Droz (Gottfried John). The mad inventor whisks her away from her lover, subjecting her to a life of mournful seclusion on a remote tropical island that is his home and kingdom, whither Felisberto (Cesar Sarachu), a piano tuner, is meanwhile summoned to repair seven automata. . . . The film's a weird fairy tale, a Gothic fable of obsessive desire, magical prowess, and bizarre coincidence that owes at least as much to painting, literature, music, and myth as to cinema.”

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