Picturing & Other Tapes

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consisting of three short pieces (“Dog,” 1979; “On Location,” 1979; “Spheres,” 1980), continues Stephen Laub's investigation of projection performances. In this series, the artist's body serves as a screen for projected film and slides. In “On Location,” for example, a documentary on the life of Joseph Stalin is projected on various locations of the artist's body. In “Spheres,” images of celestial bodies are projected on a model's open and closed eyes, creating in the observer the eerie sensation of being watched by the sun, moon and planets. (28 mins, color, Tape courtesy of artist)

Stephen Laub has exhibited and performed extensively in the United States, Canada and Europe. In the late sixties, he made short films and light sculptures involving alignment and translucence, elements that evolved into his more recent performance works. His early projection performances concentrated on images of his family's history and photos from his own scrapbooks. Later works have focused on such projections as the portraits of presidents on paper money, pictures of strangers from family albums found in a flea market, dogs at a dog show, and images of “famous” personalities in a performance wth his own father.

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