The Pinochet Case

A fitting epilogue to Guzmán's magisterial Battle of Chile, which documented the 1973 coup led against Salvador Allende by General Augusto Pinochet, The Pinochet Case spotlights the fall of the titular general decades later. Pinochet was arrested in England in 1998 and became the first dictator tried for war crimes since the Nuremberg trials. Following the extraordinary procedures and events that led to Pinochet's arrest, the film could stand on its own as a real-life legal thriller; but for Guzmán, it's also personal: The Pinochet Case presents its own indictment of the dictator, by including countless damning interviews with individuals who were personally affected by Pinochet's crimes. “I don't remember, but it's not true. And if it were true, I don't remember," is one notorious Pinochet quote; for Guzmán, cinema, and this film, is a reminder that it is all true, and that it must be remembered.

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