The Plough and the Stars (original version) & The Growler Story

The Plough and the Stars,
John Ford's adaptation of Sean O'Casey's play, was out of circulation until just a few years ago, when it surfaced in the version released in this country in 1936. According to Ford, in his interview with Peter Bogdanovich, only the European version of the film was his final version. For American release, the studio re-cut the film, and re-shot many scenes in order to make it appear that the married couple (Barbara Stanwyck and Preston Foster) were actually not married, thus creating some kind of romantic sex suspense. William K. Everson has come up with a print of Ford's original version, and reports that the film's repuation as a “minor” Ford work may have to be reconsidered on the basis of seeing the film the way Ford intended it to be seen.

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