Porco Rosso

“An enthralling, endearing, and mesmerizing piece of animation.”-Tom Mes, MidnightEye.com

(Kurenai no buta). Sharing the sky with the wartime stories of Roald Dahl and Hemingway, Porco Rosso is an often whimsical adventure where the light heart of Miyazaki's previous films enters the shadow that would, five years later, cover his dark anime Princess Mononoke. Based on a watercolor comic the director drew for a model-building magazine about Marco, a (literally) pig-headed pilot who hunts “air pirates” over the late-1920s Adriatic, Porco Rosso is punctuated by the derring-do of early aviators like Curtis, an Errol Flynn look-alike, glimpses of a Europe in turmoil, and a hero who can't help but hog your attention.

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